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Declaration-COPY OPENBOX V8S

There comes some customers complaining that OPENBOX V8S  they bought recently, with poor quality and Stimulation plastic taste , it cannot upgrade the Genuine OPENBOX V8S software. Also there comes a lot of problems in the power unit and the remote controller of Copy OPENBOX V8S.
We hereby declare that: the copy OPENBOX V8S  has no relationship with us . We also won't take any responsibility or obligation on any after-sale service of Copy OPENBOX .

Meanwhile, our dear customers: NOWBOX M9S cannot upgrade any versions of SKYBOX software, either cannot upgrad the software that we will release in the next few weeks. Please think fully before you buy it!


There are Comparison Genuine Openbox V8S & Copy V8S, welcome check your box carefully , if it is copy, please appeal and claims as soon as possible!


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4D,4th Floor,LBuilding,BaicaiHitechIndustrialPark,LiuXian1stRoad,BaoAn,Shenzhen,GuangDong,China

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